Get Your Grill On

All you have to do is insert the iGrill probe in the meat you would like to track. Select the kind of meat or recipe you want to track from the free app and leave the iGrill next to your braai. Done!

Now Relax

Get back to your guests, chat and laugh, enjoy their company. Or simply sit down and sip your drink while the meat is braaing. You can keep an eye on your smartphone or tablet to check the temperature progression, but iGrill has you covered. You will receive an alert once your food is ready to enjoy.

Savour Perfection

Your meat is ready. It has reached the perfect core temperature. You can now cut through the meat and savour perfection. It will be love at first bite. You will never want to cook without iGrill again and you simply will not have to.


Welcome To Connected Grilling

The Weber iGrill app is your central dashboard for all your iGrill connected devices, providing you with useful digital grilling tools.

Download the Weber iGrill app

Whatever You’re Braaing

Select one of the many preset alarms depending on what you want to braai, from medium rare steak to lamb, it is all there. Plus, you can also create alarms and customise them for your favourite personal recipes.

Need to make sure your ambient temperature stays within a certain range when you smoke meat? Use the range setting and customise your min / max temperature alarms.

Obsess All You Want

It is up to you how deep you dive into your temperature tracking. Stay high-level when tracking multiple probes and view them on your dashboard.

Get an in-depth view of a single probe to see its exact temperature progression using the graph.

Connect Multiple iGrill Devices

With the Weber iGrill app you can monitor different iGrill devices simultaneously. Track different ones on the same braai or hook them with separate braais.

With your iGrill arsenal and just one app you can cook the perfect meat for your family, friends and neighbours!

Get Social With Your iGrill

We all take pride in the meat we grill up, so why not showing off a bit?

Take a picture of your iGrill masterpiece on the grill or smoker and share it on Facebook and Twitter with your Weber iGrill app. Your picture will be shown to the iGrill community on the iGrill Globe!

iGrill Mini

Take the guesswork out of braaing with the iGrill mini connected thermometer.

  • Single probe
  • LED Temperature Indicator
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Up to 150 hours battery life

iGrill 2

Take the guesswork out of braaing with the iGrill 2 connected thermometer.

  • Monitor up to 4 probes.
  • Illuminated display & Touch Interface
  • Magnetic mounting
  • Up to 200 hours battery life

iGrill 3

Become the culinary genius you aspire to be – no training required.

  • Four probe capacity
  • Includes two pro-meat probes
  • App-connected thermometer
  • Proximity wake-up
  • -50°C to 380°C
  • 45 meter line of sight Bluetooth® smart connection
  • Permanently mounts to the side table of any Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX gas BRAAI
  • 250-hour battery life
  • Temperature graphing, social sharing, fuel level detection, knob light on/off (Genesis® II LX models only) and many other features offered in Weber® iGrill app.

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