• 4,5 kg beef (80% meat, 20% fat)
  • 1,7 kg pork (80% meat 20% fat)
  • 45 ml salt
  • 30 ml whole coriander seeds, toasted and ground
  • 2 ml ground cloves
  • 4 ml ground nutmeg
  • 125 ml brown vinegar
  • 50 ml cognac (optional)
  • 500 – 800 ml  iced cold water
  • Wide sausage casings


Step 1
Roughly cube all the meat and mince coarsely.

Step 2
Turn into a large bowl and add all the spices.

Step 3
Thoroughly mix in the spices and then add the vinegar and cognac.

Step 4
Add sufficient water to make the mixture soft enough to force into the casings.

Step 5
Chill for about 2 hours before turning into a sausage.

Step 6
Soak casings in water for at least an hour before using them.

Step 7
With the help of a sausage maker place casings on the filler tube, carefully fill the casings. Do not over or underfill.

Step 8
Make lengths of about 1 meter, and then coil.



Step 1
Place a loose coil over a medium-hot indirect fire.

Step 2
 Cover and cook for 15 minutes.

Step 3
Turn and cook for about 5 minutes more.

Braai time: 20 minutes
Cooking Method: Indirect
Serves: 12-15

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